7 Ways to Beat the “Rule of 7” in Advertising

Have you heard of the “Rule of 7?” In the 1930’s, the movie industry discovered that consumers saw advertisements for a film an average of seven times before purchasing a ticket. This notion, which is typically referred to as the “Rule of 7” in advertising, has stuck around for nearly a century because customers still […]

5 Ways to Use Framing Marketing in Your Content

How to use framing in advertising and marketing  Is the glass half full, or half empty? Framing in advertising, content marketing and SEO content writing can direct your customers to feel a certain way, making them either fear a loss, or become excited about a possible gain. Consumers respond to framing in predictable, measurable ways, […]

Can a Google Search Get You Arrested?

Can Googling Get You Arrested?  Updated May 11, 2023 With the Google search engine at our fingertips through phones and computers, access to new information is seemingly endless. While this can be a great benefit for curious individuals, a place with such an abundance of information is bound to have a dark side. Unfortunately, with […]

Avoid These 9 Words & Phrases in Your Sales Copy

Improve your sales pitch by avoiding these words & phrases  We’ve come a long way since the days when the only access to product information came via a knock on the door. In the era of the traveling salesman, a household’s first view of a gadget or service was presented in person and the sales […]